UJET introduces an electric folding smart scooter

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UJET introduces an electric folding smart scooter

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Nowadays, scooters and mopeds are one of the most convenient ways to navigate busy cities, solving problems from navigation and parking to pollution. UJET is stepping up the game, by making them even smarter and smaller and, of course, fully electric.

UJET’s new folding electric scooter is a smart connected EV with a number of innovative design features.

Smart connectivity via an onboard GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipped computer allows the UJET to be controlled by the user’s smartphone, performing tasks such as locking and unlocking, location features (“where did I park?”) and anti-theft protection.

The vehicle’s app can also guide you to service locations if you have a problem, and uses an array of 20 sensors located throughout the scooter to provide real-time monitoring of the scooter’s systems.

The onboard camera can record all of your rides, while an integrated and sleek flip-up display shows all the usual driving parameters such as speed, battery life and efficiency.

One of the strangest things about this new scooter are the wheels. They’re spokeless orbital wheels, with a 4.05kW electric motor integrated into the rear wheel. The TUBALL tires incorporate carbon nanotubes, which UJET claims can double the handling performance of the tires in all-weather conditions.

The battery comes in two sizes that provide either 70 km or 150 km of range. The battery itself is incorporated into the seat, which is a removable structure similar to a rolling suitcase. It features a carry handle and wheels for rolling it around with you. The removable battery also doubles as a super-large battery bank and even a bluetooth speaker. Recharging can be performed from any standard wall socket and takes just 2 hours.

The entire scooter weighs just under 43 kg, meaning its light enough to walk around easily, even in its folded form. The top speed is electronically limited to 45 km/h.

Initial deliveries for the UJET scooter will begin in Europe in the next few months.



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