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Vlad Vela coordinates the activity of the Vox Technology Park project, developed by Werk Property Group, a company owned by Timisoara businessman Virgil Tornoreanu, one of the most ambitious real estate projects in the West region of Romania.

The young manager joined the Vox Technology Park project at the start of the investment plans, after previously being involved in the development of the sales chain of the largest BMW dealer in Timisoara.

Vlad was born in Reşiţa in 1980 and played football in juniors. This was his first contact with a field that would later play a great role in shaping his character. “It was an extraordinary school where I learned the meaning of team spirit and how I have to fight to get even more. I was educated in a competitive but constructive spirit and that played a huge role in what I managed to achieve along the way, “says Vlad Vela.

He wanted to explore new opportunities and saw the Vox Technology Park project as a challenge. “The decision to leave BMW was for the Vox project in Timisoara. I did a lot of marketing at BMW and I liked the idea of ​​starting a project from scratch. I joined the Vox Technology Park project at the end of 2015. Currently, the site is in full swing and we expect to be able to complete the structure of the building by the end of April” says Vlad Vela.

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