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The first 10 people to join the event will receive, on behalf of Idea Events and CSR BootIQ, a 10% discount voucher for one of the two GRI standards certified training programs organized by CSR BootIQ in June and September.

The maximum number of vouchers is 10, out of which 5 for the training program in June and 5 for the training program in September. The vouchers will be awarded to the first 10 people to buy tickets to the conference Sustainability: Shaping the future of brands.

The vouchers will be available until 12th of May (for the training program in June), respectively until 21st of July (for the training program in September). These are also the due dates for the full payment of the training program. After the final payment due dates, the prices are subject to change and they will be available in the Training section of the csr-bootiq.ro website.

For more information please contact the CSR BootIQ team at info@csr-bootiq.com or 0722 275 483.

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