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With more than 18 years experience in customer services, Ramona Predescu started her career as entrepreneur.  9 years after,  she decided to switch completely and joined a multinational company, taking the opportunity of being part of a great vision and brand – Regus  ( today part of IWC  group) – where she occupied  different positions, from Operations Manager  to Team Leader and  for 4 years now she enjoys the Country Manager role, being actively involved in developing the  local business network and making Romania a leader in the flexible working solutions as well. Despite her degree in Romanian- Foreign Languages and also Psychology, she chose to be part of a different world  – the real estate market – and bring into people attention a global workplace network . 

“Choose the job you love and you will not need to work  for a day in your life .” by  Confucius ..this is her daily inspirational quote.

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