About us: Idea Events is the events division of Private Luxury Group. With experience in corporate and private events organized at the specific request of its exclusive clients, in 2016, Idea Events started a series of public events focused on the hottest topics on the national and international agenda.

Proud to say that we marked a series of noticeable premiers and we don’t plan on stopping:

  • we organised the first conference in Romania dedicated to electric mobility and related infrastructure;
  • we organised, in partnership with Together for a Better Tomorrow NGO, a school and office parks caravan, on the topic of electric mobility and climate change;
  • we are the first and only in Romania to have as special guests at our events, representatives of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), to discuss about non-financial reporting and the newest standards of sustainability reporting;
  • we invited the architects of the most sustainable educational building in Europe;
  • we presented, for the first time in Romania, a number of WELL Building accredited projects, an international assessment method, still unused in Romania, which focuses on the health and well being of a building’s tenants. 

Why are we different from other event planners?

  • The subjects and topics of our events, which target sustainability and green development;
  • Our way of thinking and acting, sustainable, in line with the topics of our events;
  • Memorable campaigns;
  • The professionalism of the execution;
  • We always choose solutions that are friendly to the environment (all the materials used during our events are made of recycled plastic or paper, and with each of our actions, we try to promote a greener approach); 


We organize events that promote and debate topics related to sustainability; with the help of our guests, top local and international experts, we facilitate know how exchange, encourage creativity and promote best practices from around the world.


We believe in sustainability and green development, therefore our vision is to become a leading example in the events industry and to positively change the industry practice towards a better and greener approach.


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