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We focus on the hottest topics on the national and international agenda. Most of our events are dedicated to economic, environmental and social sustainability, and we are proud to say that we marked a series of noticeable premiers in Romania, and we don’t plan on stopping here: 

  • organizers of the first conference dedicated to electric mobility and related infrastructure;
  • organizers of the first e-mobility week and e-mobility caravan;
  • bring special guests in our events, representatives of reputable institutions or companies dedicated to sustainability: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI),  architects of the most sustainable educational building in Europe; initiators of certain standards in construction (WELL, Breeam, Immune Building, etc), forward thinkers in buildings, in urban air mobility, automotive, and electric chargers infrastructure.

Why are we different from other event planners?

  • The subjects and topics we approach in our events, which target sustainability and green development;
  • Our way of thinking and acting sustainable, in line with the topics of our events;
  • Memorable campaigns;
  • The professionalism of the execution;
  • We always choose solutions that are environmental-friendly.



We believe in sustainability and green development, therefore our vision is to become a leading example in the events industry and to positively change the industry practice towards a better and greener approach.


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