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Monica Ardeleanu is the Romanian Green Building Council (RoGBC) Executive Director since April 2016. From this position, she is responsible for the coordination of the research & development department and manages the international and institutional relations of the organization. Monica is a member of the European Commission’s EEFIG (Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group), coordinated by DG Energy.

Previously, Monica served as Director of Research and Development and Public Policy within the same organization, she was a member of the Green Building World Policy Working Group, Member of the Board of Directors of the International Building21 AISBL, based in Brussels , member of the USGBC representing Romania at the LEED International Roundtable, member of the young entrepreneurs group of the Confindustria business association in Italy. She also held the position of Manager in Romania for the European research-innovation project Horizon2020 BUILD UPON.

Monica was a lecturer and researcher in the field of sustainability at the Parthenope University in Naples, Italy and holds the title of Doctor of Environmental Economics at the same university.

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