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About the program

Through a combination of interactive activities, practice and feedback, this program offers participants the right tools and techniques they need in order to feel comfortable in front of an audience.

Who should attend?

With a duration of 2 days, the program is designed for CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, sales specialists, marketing specialists and anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills and deliver business presentations with impact.

This is a structured program, that follows a specific logical path;

For each step, you will receive a set of tools to apply in real-life situations;

Each technique and ability has certain elements that make it functional and explicit.

Key Benefits

  • You will be more prepared (physically and mentally) to speak in public; 
  • You will know how to set clear objectives and translate them into the structure of your message;
  • You will develop the abilities you need in order to effectively cope with difficult situations;
  • You will create your own style of communication, that will give value and relevance to your presentation;
  • You will know how to interact with difficult characters in the audience;
  • You will learn how to keep your audience connected. 

Learning Points

  • How do you create the proper emotional state to convey the desired message;
  • What to do at the beginning and ending of each presentation (the critical minutes);
  • How to structure each type of speech (informative, argumentative, motivational);
  • What do to if you lose the audience’s attention and how to manage the interaction with the audience;
  • How to create the right emotional state, so that the audience will remember your message;
  • How to tell a story;
  • How to transfer credibility to the public.

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