cristinaCristina Bălan is a Managing Partner at CSR BootIQ, a local consultancy company that collaborates with two of the biggest worldwide organisations specialised in sustainability: Global Reporting Initiative (CSR BootIQ is the first authorized provider of certified GRI courses in Romania) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CSR BootIQ the first partner of the CDP Cities programme in Romania).

In 2015, Cristina became the first Romanian specialist and the sixth in the world to have passed the G4 exam, therefore becoming the first GRI nominated trainer in Romania. Prior to working as a CSR and sustainability consultant, Cristina has coordinated the activity of the UN Information Centre Bucharest (1998-2012).

Cristina is also a certified sustainability assurance practitioner, and her areas of expertise cover stakeholder engagement (AA1000 SES), non-financial/sustainability reporting (Global Reporting Initiative, UN Global Compact) and sustainability assurance (AA1000 AS, AA1000 APS by AccountAbility). In her free time, she writes about CSR and sustainability on her blog ( and on

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