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Costin Giurgea and Tudor Bratu have been working in the industry of automotive journalism for over 15 years.  During these years, they have driven all car models ever launched in Romania, plus numerous other types which are not yet available on our market.

Both of them worked for Top Gear Romania, Costin Giurgea as an editor-in-chief and Tudor Bratu as a deputy editor and editor-in-chief of the 4WDrive Magazine. After a while, Tudor Bratu moved to ProMotor, where he worked as an editor-in-chief and online coordinator. 

The next step for them was the TV show ”Cars, Test and Verdicts” on TVR1, with the website Currently, they are getting ready for episode 23 of #superspeedlaprotv, fall season, they have the best automotive Facebook page in Romania and the website, full of top news and articles related to the automotive industry. 

In their free time, Costin Giurgea loves to travel, while Tudor Bratu chooses sport and exercise. 


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