Together for a better tomorrow – Non-financial reporting, the key to a sustainable business

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Together for a better tomorrow – Non-financial reporting, the key to a sustainable business

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Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as CSR, becomes a more and more important part of a corporation`s business strategy. It goes beyond simple charitable gestures and involves a true screening of a company`s health, from an organizational and economical point of view, but also as far as the relation with the community and the environment goes. Anyone who is interested in finding real information about a company and the actions it undertakes in order to minimize certain negative aspects can access valuable data, by means of this non-financial report.

Often, this non-financial report is far more valuable than other ordinary numbers, especially when it comes to stakeholders, whether it is potential investors, employers, creditors, contractors, non-governmental organisations or trade unions. A great number of international companies publish this report although they do not particularly meet the main requirements – to have more than 500 employees and a certain annual turnover. They do it for transparency, in order to be perceived as an honest organization and last but not least, as a branding tool.

The ”Together for a better tomorrow – Non-financial reporting, the key to a sustainable business” conference aims to serve as a meeting platform for CSR specialists, NGOs and companies to discuss how to use CSR to integrate economic, environmental and social objectives in their business strategy.

Our designated experts will present an in depth analysis of a sustainability report, according to European standards and regulations and will discuss the main trends, directions and challenges associated with CSR.

The interactive presentations will help the ones attending the event, whether CSR and sustainability practitioners, business executives or HR professionals, to identify the best path to integrating CSR into core business and benefit from sustainability reporting.


  • To provide a platform for specialists to learn and discuss the various aspects regarding CSR.
  • To comprehend the complex facets of sustainability reporting and the GRI standards.
  • To be a networking platform and to allow the birth of future projects and initiatives.


  • Sustainability reporting
  • The importance of CSR in terms of brand image and reputation
  • CSR and sustainability
  • Global trends and CSR standards
  • Linking CSR reports to business performance
  • CSR and human resource management
  • Initiatives, strategies and CSR policies
  • Best practices – Successful CSR projects


  • CSR Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • PR & Marketing Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Environment executives
  • NGOs
  • Government representative


  • You will be joining CSR specialists, GRI experts, top managers and representatives from national and international companies;
  • You will discover innovative sustainability trends and content
  • You will exchange top knowledge on non-financial reporting and its impact on an organisation;
  • You will interact with specialists and share experiences through peer to peer learning;
  • You will bring your own contribution to the development of this important subject;
  • You can develop long lasting collaborations with potential clients and partners.

As we get closer to a new era of sustainability, it is clear that for information to truly empower decision making it must be more accessible, comparable and available in real time. Through this conference, we aim to deliver innovative sustainability and non-financial reporting content in order to allow participants to get a more in depth look at the matter and be an active part in the change.



Sandra GENEE

Senior Coordinator Corporate & Stakeholder Relations at
Global Reporting Initiative

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Cristina BĂLAN
Managing partner,

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Sustainability Manager,

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Bianca TOMA
Projects Coordinator,
Romanian Center for European Policies

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Robert Uzună
Corporate Affairs Director & Board Member
Ursus Breweries

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Mihai Eminescu Trust

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Andrei Coşuleanu
Executive Director
Let’s Do It, Romania!

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Mihaela Calinoiu
Director MagiCAMP

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Laura Dragomir
Speaker, Senior Trainer, Moderator TV

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