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Date: February 27, 2018

Location: To Be Confirmed

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2017 marked a spectacular comeback of the real estate market. 2018 will surely be a year of challenges, with the dynamics of tenants being much harder to predict and the competition becoming increasingly fierce.  In addition to this, there are added demographic and economic factors, as well as a number of risks generated by the current context. 

▪Is the growth of the real estate market a sustainable one? 

▪Are we close to a new economic crisis?

▪How will companies change their business models to adapt to this new ecosystem? 

Topics of discussion

  • The outlook for the real estate market in 2017;
  • The sustainability of the real estate market – trends for 2018;
  • Trends and paradigm shift in real estate – the main challenges on the market;
  • Increasing liquidity on the office investment market – asset trading, targeted areas, alternative capital sources;
  • 2018 – closer to a real estate bubble?;
  • Tax and legislative aspects;
  • Marketing strategies in the real estate industry – accelerating business growth by adapting to market requirements and taking risks;
  • Productivity and tenants’ comfort – the main challenge in the Smart Buildings industry;
  • Shared space and co-working – The shift from the classic office space to unconventional options;
  • Redefining the boundaries between home and office – How does architecture respond to the challenge of connecting humans, technology and the built environment;
  • Urban densification –  a key factor for the real estate industry / the shift towards the big regions of the country;
  • Building Information Modelling – reducing costs through interoperability, analysis and control;
  • Trends in workplace management – digitalization, big data and main KPIs;
  • Added value of FM in owner-tenant relationship.

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Why attend?

▪Access to the latest information and valuable insight about the real estate market evolution in 2018;

▪Access to the latest trends in terms of innovation and sustainability and the most relevant examples of best practices at an international level;

▪Access to the latest innovations in facility management and integrated management systems;

▪Quality networking with top experts.


Marian POPA


Deutsche Bank Global Technology

 Codrin Matei

Managing Partner

Crosspoint Real Estate


Head of Construction and Development


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